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What is my Birthstone?

Many cultures associate gemstones with birthdays and zodiac signs and have done so for centuries. Some believe that birthstone were even mentioned in the Bible.

In more recent history (1912), Jewelers of America came up with a list of 12 gemstones (one for every month) that would be associated with a person’s birth month and known as their “birthstone”.

Since then, some extra gems have been added to the list meaning that some months have two birthstones, lucky!

Let's take a closer look at each month.

loose garnets of different colours and shapes

January - Garnet

  • a “stone of health”

  • increases creativity

  • extracts negative energy

  • brings passion and strength

  • provides spiritual protection

Garnets are traditionally associated with a deep red colour, but did you know that they exist in a wide variety of colours such as green (Tsavorite), orange (Spessartite) and purple (Rhodolite).

Although I would not recommend garnets for engagement rings, they make a great and affordable option for large cocktail rings and other jewellery such as pendants and earrings.

white gold amethyst rings on a plate next to a red rose

February - Amethyst

  • a calming, healing, and purifying stone

  • helps achieve peace and understanding

  • blocks negative energies

  • gets rid of distracting thoughts

  • helps to remember and understand dreams

Amethyst ranges in colour between rich, deep purples and lighter, pastel shades.

Amethyst is abundant and readily available in a variety of sizes and shapes, from tiny 1mm round stones, to 5 carat+ ovals and trilliants, like above.

Personally, I have a soft spot for this lovely gem and love having it as my birthstone!

Princess Diana's and Meghan Markle's emerald cut aquamarine ring

March - Aquamarine

  • a stone of courage, hope and health

  • calms, soothes, reduces stress and helps letting go

  • facilitates spiritual awareness

  • offers a sense of peace, tranquility and regeneration

  • helps make new friends

Although it has been popular for many years, there was a sudden spike in interest and popularity after Meghan Markle wore an aquamarine cocktail ring after her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018.

The gorgeous ring featuring an emerald cut aquamarine (above) once belonged to Princess Diana.

rose gold and diamond stacking ring on a white lace background

April - Diamond

  • linked to love, eternity and strength

  • promotes a feeling of inner peace and calmness

  • opens up doorways to the spiritual realm

  • enhances psychic abilities

  • helps you achieve your dreams and bring desires into reality

Did you know that diamonds aren't just for engagement rings?

Check out these gorgeous natural diamond stacking bands in our Ready-to-Wear collection.

Perfect for everyday-wear, they are sure to elevate and add a touch of glamour to any outfit.


Looking for inspiration on how to style your stacking bands?

Check out this blog - Trend Review - Stacking Bands


pear shape emerald and diamond white gold drop earrings

May - Emerald

  • calms upset emotions and brings peace

  • gives the strength to overcome problems

  • creates positive actions and outcomes

  • brings clarity to thoughts

  • associated with the ability to see in to the future

Emeralds, greatly favoured by Cleopatra, occur in various shades of green, from bottle green to bluish green to lighter shades.

This magnificent jewel is know as one of the "Big Three" gemstones, along with rubies and sapphires. A high quality emerald can even be worth much more than a diamond.

June - Alexandrite and Pearl

round alexandrite and diamond rose gold stud earrings on a white lace background


  • symbol of self confidence and self esteem

  • strengthens intuition and unleashes imagination

  • gives the owner hope and encouragement

  • can help you become your own source of happiness within yourself

  • brings balance between one's physical and spiritual worlds

The national stone of Russia, Alexandrite was first discovered there in 1833, near the Ural Mountains (which happens to be where I am originally from).

It is named after Russia’s Prince Alexander II and possesses a very special characteristic, it changes colour under different light sources. Green in daylight and red in warm candle light, it is known as “emerald by day, ruby by night” and I cannot wait to add one to my collection!

a strand of cultured pearls next to hot pink stiletto pointed toe shoes


  • “stone of sincerity”

  • helps women connect with their “inner goddesses” and “feminine energy”

  • assists in self acceptance and lifting one’s spirits

  • signifies faith, charity and innocence

  • balances and heals all chakras

Pearl, The “Queen of Jewels” has a timeless quality and is an everyday essential for many jewellery lovers all over the world.

woman's hand wearing ruby and diamond halo white gold engagement rings and white nail polish

July - Ruby

  • increases courage and passion, due to its vivid red colour

  • brings protection and harmony

  • restores vitality and energy levels

  • provides a barrier against those who want to steal your energy

  • improves mental focus and intellectual prosperity

The majority of rubies you will see are dark red, my clients are often surprised by how dark mid-range rubies really are (they can even be mistake for garnets).

They also don't photograph very well, so when it comes to choosing a ruby I always suggest doing so in person.

woman's hand with red nails holding a white gold trilliant cut peridot and diamond halo cocktail ring

August - Peridot

  • brings good health and restful sleep

  • alleviates stress and anxiety

  • linked to protection against evil

  • powerful aid to repairing and maintaining friendships

  • has the ability to keep you calm and safe no matter what is going on around you

Peridot is available in a large variety of shapes and sizes making it perfect for large statement pieces such as cocktail rings as well as smaller jewellery items.

But don’t go too small, the smaller the stone, the lighter the colour looks.

Larger stones show more saturated colour so I recommend going larger to really appreciate this unique gemstone's vibrancy.

loose round and cushion shape fancy coloured sapphires on a lace background

September - Sapphire

  • brings joy, good luck, and peace of mind

  • the wisdom stone, stimulates concentration and promotes depth of thought

  • grants serenity and patience

  • decreases mental fatigue and mental tension

  • a reminder that when you seek with a true heart, you will discover spiritual treasures

Did you know that sapphires exist in colours other than blue?

Read more about their rainbow colour range here

oval teal sapphire and diamond halo white gold engagement ring

This one-of-a-kind ring featuring a striking teal sapphire and diamond halo is available for purchase from the Tsarina Gems Ready-to-Wear collection.

The Serena Ring showcases an oval cut sapphire, ethically sourced from Madagascar and weighs 0.73 carat. It is set in 14K white gold and is accented by twenty-eight perfectly matched round brilliant cut natural diamonds.

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woman's hand wearing an oval padparadscha sapphire and diamond halo rose gold engagement ring and wedding band


Discover Tsarina Gems sapphire rings in our Ready-to-Wear collection


October - Tourmaline and Opal

woman's hand wearing an oval pink tourmaline and diamond halo white gold engagement ring and pink nails


  • a stone of emotional healing and self love

  • helps calm ones emotions in times of distress

  • can give you energy and encourage positivity

round green tourmaline and diamond halo white gold engagement ring on a white background
  • soothing and nourishing stone that helps restore a sense of wholeness

  • can help overcome your fears about love and relationships

emerald cut watermelon tourmaline white gold bar necklace

Did you know that Tourmaline exists in different colours?

Green (green tourmaline), blue-green (indicolite) and bright vibrant pink (“rubellite”).

Have you heard of a “watermelon tourmaline”?

One part is green and the other part is pink!

round opal white gold necklace on a white background


  • promotes unconditional love

  • encourages inner growth

  • enhances imagination and creativity

  • acts as an emotional stabiliser

  • bridges the gap between one’s ego-self and true-self

Opals are usually fashioned as cabochons, rather than faceted gems. In other words, they have one flat side and one side shaped like a dome. A cabochon cut helps display play-of-colour and is less likely to chip.

round opal and diamond halo white gold engagement ring

On the hunt for a unique opal ring?

This stunning vintage-inspired Kira ring featuring an opal and natural diamonds in 14K white gold is available for purchase from our Ready-to-Wear collection.

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oval citrine and diamond white gold necklace on a candle next to a scarf

November - Citrine

  • brings self-confidence and positive energy

  • brings good fortune and good luck

  • enhances mental clarity, confidence and willpower

  • help eliminate fears

  • a shield against spite and jealousy

The name citrine comes from an old French word "citrin," which means lemon. This cheerful stone’s colour ranges from pale yellow to yellowish orange.

Many of my clients are pleasantly surprised by how affordable this gorgeous coloured stone really is.

December - Tanzanite and Blue Zircon

oval tanzanite and diamond halo yellow gold necklace next to dry fruit and flowers


  • brings the feeling of being “centred”

  • accelerates spiritual growth

  • elevate the mood and removes negative habits

  • facilitate truthful thinking and communication

  • can help open your third eye and help with spiritual awakening

Tanzanite, which shows a stunning combination of blue and violet was first introduced to the world market by Tiffany and Co. and can only be found in Tanzania.

Tanzanite was considered an affordable alternative to sapphires but has since gained popularity as a striking gem in its own right.

woman's hand wearing a cushion cut blue zircon and diamond halo rose gold cocktail ring next to a cup of tea with lemon and lavender

Blue Zircon

  • brings stability and strength of mind

  • can help develop intuition

  • helps repel negativity

  • encourages positive energy and positive behaviour

  • inspires, motivates and gives guidance when guidance is needed, can can help achieve one’s goals

Although Zircon occurs in other colours including yellow and brown, Electric Blue is my personal favourite and is perfect for a dazzling cocktail ring!

Due to its unique properties, blue zircon shows more brilliance and fire than other gemstones.

Fun Fact

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have recently got engaged with a custom engagement ring featuring "his and hers" birthstones (diamond and emerald).

This stunning ring by Stephen Webster features two large gemstones, a very sought after design right now!

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Toi et Moi pear shape diamond and emerald engagement ring

I am predicting that Toi et Moi rings (aka You and Me rings) are going to be HUGE in 2022.

Stay tuned for my new blog, Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends for 2022, coming soon!

A final word...

Whether you decide to go for your own birthstone or not, I would love to help you choose the perfect gemstone for YOU

To chat about your options, schedule a complementary, 30 minute connection call with me here

Get inspired!

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