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What shape should I choose?

Are you drawn to curved, elongated shapes like ovals and pears or do you prefer a more geometric, angular look of emerald and princess cuts?

Should you stick to the classic round shape or go for something a little different, like an asscher cut?

When it comes to choosing the perfect shape for YOU it's important to figure out what is right for you and try not to focus on what is trendy, especially when it comes to engagement rings. You will, after all be wearing that ring for the rest of your life.

If you do find yourself interested in a more trendy piece, we can always create a right hand ring or a cocktail ring for occasional wear. Here is your chance to play around with different shapes!

diamond and gemstone shapes diagram

Fancy Shapes

Any shape other than round, is called a "fancy shape".

Although round shape is still a classic and timeless choice, elongated shapes like ovals, cushions and pears have been in the spotlight in 2022 for both, diamond and gemstone engagement rings.

There is a new trend on the horizon. We are seeing more geometric and Art Deco inspired engagement rings featuring radiant, emerald cut and asscher cut (aka square emerald cut).

This is an engagement ring trend to look out for in 2023, especially paired with a three-stone ring trend.

Pro Tip

For a vintage inspired look try elongated shapes like ovals, pears and cushions, paired with a halo and an intricate design.

For an Art Deco, geometric look try emerald cut, asscher cut and radiant cut.

For a classic, modern look try a round or princess cut, set in a solitaire design (featuring one stone).

Diamonds vs. coloured gemstones

If you have your heart set on a certain shape, remember that some shapes are more readily available depending on the type and size of the diamond / gemstone.

For example, round diamonds are available in all sorts of sizes but when it comes to fancy shapes like emerald cuts and ovals, especially in sizes over 2 carat, your options can be more limited.

Sapphires, especially over 1 carat are usually cut into shapes like ovals and elongated cushions.

There is a reason for this, sapphire crystals grow in an elongated shape, it therefore makes sense to cut stones into shapes like oval and elongated cushion to save as much weight as possible, to avoid wasting this rare material.

The process of cutting coloured gemstones into round shapes loses the most weight, which is why large round stones are very rare. Finding a round shape sapphire in any colour over 1.5 carat can be very challenging.

You will have a much wider choice of options available if you are open to other shapes.


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