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Sapphire - September Birthstone

Did you know that sapphires exist in every colour of the rainbow?

When the word “sapphire” is used alone it refers to BLUE sapphire.

Any colour other than blue falls into the “fancy” sapphire category and is called by its colour, eg. purple sapphire, green sapphire, blue-green sapphire etc.

sapphires of different shapes and colours

Let's take a look at some fun facts about these wonderful gems:

  • The word sapphire come from Latin and Greek words for “blue”

  • Sapphires in all colours are a part of the “corundum” family (red corundum is called a Ruby)

  • The most famous sapphire is considered to be Princess Diana's 12 carat oval sapphire engagement ring. It is now worn by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton Catherine Duchess of Cambridge wearing sapphire engagement ring

  • Padparadscha (“Pad-pa-rad-sha”) is considered the most rare variety of fancy sapphire, it shows a unique combination of pink and orange colours and is named after a lotus flower. It is also the centre stone in Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring.

Princess Eugenie wearing Padparadscha and diamond engagement ring


Looking for a Padparadscha engagement ring? We have a gorgeous one available from our Ready-to-Wear collection!

Our Anastasia Ring features a 1.02 carat Padparadscha sapphire ethically sourced from Sri Lanka. Surrounded by a halo of natural diamonds for extra sparkle.

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Where do Sapphires come from?

Sri Lanka is a major source of blue sapphires, fancy sapphires as well as rubies. No wonder it is known as the “island of gems”.

Other sources of fancy sapphires around the world include Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam and USA.

Blue-green or teal sapphires have become extremely popular in the last five years. This stunning blue-green or teal sapphire in our Serena Ring was ethically sourced in Madagascar.

It is available for purchase from our Ready-to-Wear collection.

woman's hand with neutral colour nails holding an oval blue green teal sapphire and diamond halo white gold engagement ring in a blue velvet hexagonal ring box

A relatively new sapphire source is Montana, US, which is often associated with ethically sourced sapphires.

It produces a gorgeous variety of green, blue-green and teal sapphires along with other colours.

The term "Montana Sapphire" is often used to describe sapphires in the blue-green colour range.

We have a one-of-a-kind Montana sapphire featured in our Cerelia Ring (below) surrounded by a halo of natural diamonds.

It is available for purchase from our Ready-to-Wear collection.

Learn more about Cerelia Ring here

cushion cut Montana blue green teal sapphire and diamond halo yellow gold engagement ring


Heat treatment is an industry standard for sapphires of all colours.

In fact, almost 99% of sapphires are heat treated to enhance and stabilise the colour, it is a permanent process.

Non-treated sapphires are more rare and difficult to find, typically they are also more expensive.

As most sapphires undergo heat treatment, do not be surprised if you do not see a mention of it in your appraisal or grading report. Typically, appraisals and grading reports will only state “no indication of heating” in case of unheated stones.

This unique blue-green sapphire in our Serena Ring has not undergone treatment, which is stated in a third-party appraisal.

woman's hand wearing oval blue green teal sapphire and diamond halo white gold engagement ring and stacking wedding rings

September Birthstone

Sapphire is also known for the following traits:

  • the wisdom stone

  • stimulates concentration and promotes depth of thought

  • grants serenity and patience

sapphire infographic


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woman's hand holding a large grey velvet ring box with a selection of engagement rings with coloured gemstones next to a white bouquet of flowers


In terms of hardness, all sapphires score a 9 out of 10 on Moh's scale.

The only harder material is a diamond at 10.

Due to their hardness, sapphires in any colour are a spectacular choice for an engagement ring that will withstand everyday wear.

round purple sapphire and diamond halo rose gold engagement ring next to pink roses


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woman's hand with neutral colour nails holding a round green sapphire and diamond yellow gold engagement ring


With a wide variety of colours available, sapphires are among the most exciting gems to add to your collection!


Is a sapphire on your wishlist?

I'd love to hear about it!

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