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My love for sapphires is evergreen

Green sapphires are known as the stones of tranquility, hope and renewal. They range in colour from blue-green to yellowish green and are often described as olive, khaki, mint or forest green. It has been on my wish list for a while so when an opportunity came along, I was excited about finding the perfect gem for this new project.

After viewing several gemstone options, I decided on this mesmerising green sapphire with a hint of blue as the centrepiece for a vintage inspired ring.

Ethically sourced materials are of utmost importance when it comes to my jewellery. I take pride in working with companies who supply responsibly sourced gemstones, diamonds and metals. The green sapphire I selected for this ring comes from Tanzania.

I could not be happier with the way this exquisite ring turned out and I am delighted to share that it is now available for purchase. Keep reading for more exciting details.

loose round blue green sapphire on white background next to fur tree branch

Let’s begin with some fun facts about green sapphires:

  • Green sapphires fall under the “fancy sapphire” category, along with other colours such as pink, purple, yellow and orange.

  • Typically, when the word “sapphire” is used on its own it refers to blue sapphire.

  • Sapphires in all colours are a part of the “corundum” family and score a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness (the only harder material is a diamond at a 10).

  • The trace elements responsible for the green sapphire colour are iron and titanium.

  • Although the colour range of green sapphire overlaps with that of green tourmaline, green sapphire is a more durable option, suitable for everyday wear.

  • Although they are very unique, green sapphires are priced significantly lower that blue sapphires and other fancy colours.

  • Green sapphires have become very popular in the last few years and is currently a trending colour along with blue-green sapphires as well as peach and pink shades.

Clarity and Inclusions

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA):

  • “The clarity characteristics inside a gem serve as eyewitnesses to its birth”.

  • “Inclusions are clarity characteristics enclosed within a gemstone”.

  • “An inclusion is a gem’s birthmark”.

A sapphire with no inclusions whatsoever often causes suspicion, it may be a sign of a synthetic stone (created in a lab) or even a glass or plastic imitation.

The term inclusion can have a negative meaning for some, however this green sapphire displays such a wonderful galaxy of inclusions, it is definitely one-of-a-kind. Let’s take a look at it under magnification.

close up of loose round green sapphire held in tweezers under magnification viewed with a loupe showing inclusions crystals needles silk fingerprint on grey background

Here we can see a variety of fascinating inclusions, typically seen in sapphires:

  • Crystals - mineral crystals trapped within a gem.

  • Needles - long, thin solid crystals. A group of fine needles is called “silk”.

  • Fingerprint inclusions - a pattern formed by trapped droplets of fluid, resembles a human fingerprint.

  • Feather - a fracture inside the stone. In this case, it is completely inclosed inside the gem and poses no durability threat.

close up of loose round green sapphire held in tweezers under magnification viewed with a loupe showing inclusions crystals needles silk fingerprint on grey background

As you can see, most of these inclusions are only visible under magnification and only if viewed at a certain angle. As you will see soon, set in a ring, they do not take away from the beauty of the stone but you can be sure that it is a natural, unique jewel created by mother nature.

loose round green sapphire yellow gold semi mount with diamonds tweezers loupe pinecone fur tree branch on white background

Did you know that although diamonds are graded on their 4Cs (colour, cut, clarity, carat weight), when selecting coloured gemstones, the rules apply quite differently?

For more information on fancy sapphires and what goes into grading them, visit our previous blogs: Fancy a sapphire? and Pop the question with a Pop of Colour.


Stay tuned for next week’s blog post dedicated to Diamond and Gemstone Clarity.


With a wide variety of colours available, sapphires are among the most breathtaking and durable gems to add to your collection, whether as a unique engagement ring, a spectacular cocktail ring or as an elegant everyday right hand ring. Do you agree that this green sapphire will look spectacular in yellow gold?

loose green sapphire ladies hand with pink nails wearing a yellow gold semi mount with diamonds pine cone fur tree branches on white background


Heat treatment is an industry standard, in fact, almost 99% of sapphires are heat treated to enhance and stabilise the colour, but don’t worry, the result is permanent. Non-treated sapphires are rare and difficult to find, typically they are also more expensive.

If the gemstone has undergone any treatment, it should always be disclosed.

The green sapphire I chose for this project has been heat treated and was disclosed as such by the supplier.

As most sapphires undergo heat treatment, do not be surprised if you do not see a mention of it in your appraisal or grading report. Typically, appraisals and grading reports will only state “no treatment detected” in case of unheated stones.

Introducing... the Green Sapphire Ring

I am thrilled to announce that this extraordinary ring featuring a striking green sapphire is now ready and available for purchase. The round cut green sapphire from Tanzania measures 6mm in diameter and weighs 1.24 carat. It is set in 14K yellow gold and is accented by sixteen perfectly matched round brilliant cut natural diamonds. Please contact Tsarina Gems for further information and pricing.

round blue green sapphire set in vintage inspired 14K yellow gold ring with diamonds by Tsarina Gems on white background and pine cones

For your peace of mind, our stunning Green Sapphire Ring comes with a complementary, third party appraisal.


Would you like to be a part of the gemstone selection process?

Tsarina Gems provides a guided, one-on-one experience which leads you every step of the way through your gemstone and style selection. If you are interested in seeing a selection of loose sapphires before they are set into jewellery of your choice, contact us today!


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