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Myth Busters Vol. 4

With so much information at our fingertips, it is difficult to know what is true and what is false when searching the web.

As a GIA certified gemologist and an accredited jewellery professional, I am happy to share my knowledge on my mission to spread the truth.

Some of these may surprise you, let's dive in!

Yellow gold jewellery box with rings and necklaces next to a pink rose

It’s OK to wear your jewellery in the shower - FALSE

I highly recommend not wearing your jewellery in the shower and here's why:

1. You don’t want to lose an earring or necklace if it comes undone, or if your ring slips off and falls down the drain. Trust me, I've heard many horror stories.

2. You might think you are killing two birds with one stone and are "cleaning your jewellery" while you are in the shower but that's simply not true.

Shampoo, conditioner and shower gels get stuck in those delicate designs on your rings, earrings and necklaces, even under running water. All that build-up will block the light interactions in the stone and your beautiful jewellery just won't sparkle anymore.

Necklace and rings next to a small bowl with soapy water, toothbrush and cloth, jewellery cleaning tools


Pro Tip: If you are looking for a quick and easy way to safely clean your jewellery at home, check out my previous blog post:


Rose gold necklace next to a small brush, jewellery cleaning tools

You can’t wear white and yellow gold together - FALSE

Although some people prefer to wear one colour at a time, there is no rule that stops you from mixing and matching as you wish.

Personally, I like sticking to two colours. Usually white and rose gold, but there is no reason why you can't add a dash of yellow gold too. Take a look for yourself!

Lady's hand wearing a stack of multi coloured diamond stacking rings on her ring finger


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Lady's hand wearing multi coloured diamond stacking rings and typing on a laptop

You should spend 3 months worth of your salary on an engagement ring - FALSE

This is one of my most favourite jewellery myths, because it was literally made out of thin air.

It started with DeBeers Jewellers urging men to spend 1 month of their salary on an their engagement rings in the 1930s. That number grew to 2 month salary in the 1980s and has now reached its current, 3 month salary budget.

Oval diamond solitaire white gold engagement ring on a white background

Although the budget is an important part of choosing an engagement ring, it should not be the main focus.

Afterall, it is about creating a unique, high quality piece of jewellery that you both will love and be proud to wear. One day, it can even become a treasured family heirloom.

Lady's hand wearing a round diamond solitaire yellow gold engagement ring

When searching "how much should I spend on an engagement ring" you are likely to fall down a rabbit hole of different people telling you different things.

Some sites will even offer you an engagement ring budget calculator where they ask for your yearly salary and to rate your lifestyle on a scale from modest to luxury.

Honestly, I don't know who came up with a specific formula, but I don't suggest you use it.

Lady's hand wearing an oval blue green teal sapphire white gold engagement ring and matching stacking rings on her ring finger

When working together on a custom engagement ring, I promise to focus on helping you find the best way to make your dream engagement ring come to life while staying as close as possible to your budget. Whatever that might be.

If this cannot be achieved, I will walk you through other incredible options that are available, for example, selecting a ring from my Ready-to-Wear Collection.

Pear shape morganite and diamond halo rose gold engagement ring next to pink orange flowers


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Large grey velvet ring box with engagement rings next to a pink rose

Peridot is the official birthstone for August - TRUE

Many cultures associate gemstones with birthdays and zodiac signs and have done so for centuries. Some believe that birthstone were even mentioned in the Bible.

In more recent history (1912), Jewelers of America came up with a list of 12 gemstones (one for every month) that would be associated with a person’s birth month and known as their “birthstone”.

Since then, some extra gems have been added to the list meaning that some months have more than one birthstone.

Pear shape peridot and diamond halo white gold necklace on a white background

Peridot is the official birthstone for August.

It ranges in colour from yellowish green to greenish yellow and is typically mined in Arizona, US.

Peridot is considered plentiful and relatively inexpensive, making it perfect for large cocktail rings.

Lady's hand wearing a large oval peridot and diamond halo white gold cocktail ring on her ring finger

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