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10 easy tips to keep your jewellery Clean and Damage-Free

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Did you know that your jewellery collects dirt, dust and even hand cream? Without regular cleaning the stones can start looking dull and less lively. But don’t worry, I am here to give you professional tips on how to make them sparkle again and keep them safe from damage.

1. Warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap or hand soap is the safest way to clean your jewellery. Use this method for diamond and gemstone jewellery 

(*except pearls and opals*).

  • Take a bowl

  • Fill it up with warm water

  • Add a couple of drops of soap

  • Place one piece of jewellery in the bowl

  • Leave to soak for a couple of minutes

  • Scrub gently with a toothbrush

  • Rinse

  • Pat dry with a lint free cloth

rose gold morganite pendant sapphire ring and stacking band next to soapy water in bowl toothbrush and cleaning cloth on white background

2. Reserve a soft, clean toothbrush specifically for cleaning your jewellery.

Do not use an electric toothbrush! Avoid toothpaste, it is too abrasive and hardens like glue under gemstones, making it very difficult to remove.

3. Be gentle, don’t scrub too hard. You don’t want any stones coming loose and falling out.

4. Don’t forget to clean from all sides. Dirt, soap and lotions can build up between the stones and the metal, especially in those gorgeous filigree designs.

rose gold pear shape pendant and chain with filigree back view from the back next to small cleaning brush on white background

5. Avoid using paper towel as it can scratch gold and silver.

6. Avoid cleaning your jewellery anywhere close to an open drain. I have heard some very unfortunate stories involving rings flying down the sink and into the drain!

7. Organic and porous gemstones like pearls and opals should never be exposed to the harsh chemicals like ammonia-based cleaners.

strand of pearls and white gold round opal and diamond ring on white background

8. Do not submerge a pearl necklace in water, as it will weaken the silk thread. Instead, clean each individual pearl as needed, with a clean damp cloth, let pearls dry before putting away.

9. Use warm soapy water to clean your solid opal jewellery, no toothbrush needed.

10. Although you love your jewellery and want to wear it all the time, I suggest taking it off for the following:

  • A day at the beach. Salty sea/ocean water and sand can cause damage.

  • Swimming pool. Chlorine can cause damage.

  • During rigorous exercise. Just in case your necklaces comes loose or you hit your ring while using weights.

  • While having a shower. Shampoo, conditioner and shower gels can still get stuck in those delicate designs even under running water. You also don’t want to lose an earring or necklace if it comes undone and falls down the drain.

  • Gardening.

  • Baking.

  • Household cleaning. Chemicals can damage both metal and gemstones.

beach sand and sea ocean swimming pool pink gym weights neutral shower red cross

I often get asked if it is ok to sleep with your jewellery on.

This is a tricky one as it comes down to personal preference and comfort.

Personally, I do not like sleeping with jewellery on, I also tend to apply hand cream before going to bed so I avoid having rings on.

I also have little ring dishes and jewellery boxes dotted around the house, in case I do want to take my jewellery off and have a peace of mind that they will be safe from getting lost.

square amethyst and diamond white gold ring white gold stacking rings on a rectangular jewellery ring dish plate with a crown next to pink rose and rose petals on white background


If you decide to invest in a jewellery cleaning solution, make sure to visit your local jeweller for advice and purchase the correct product for your specific jewellery needs. Not all jewellery cleaners are made equal. With such a vast variety of jewellery cleaners available you do not want to be causing more harm than good.

Make sure to follow instructions carefully!


As a final word, I’d like to quote Tom Burstein, Christie’s international jewellery director:

“Buildup of dirt or oil will block the light interactions in the stone, so there’s no point in having a beautifully cut diamond if it’s going to be dirty. If you’re not cleaning it, then you’re not doing the stone justice because it’s not living up to its potential.”

Well said!

I will now take this opportunity to go and give my jewellery a nice cleaning, I hope you will too!

If you have any questions about cleaning your jewellery, get in touch with Tsarina Gems and we will be happy to offer advice!

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