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Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

Although many weddings might be on hold right now, engagements and proposals sure aren’t!

This is the perfect time to start doing some research and putting together a mood board in time for the upcoming engagement season later in the year.

Here is a roundup of Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends for 2021.

Coloured Gemstones

Although traditionally, diamonds have been the top choice for engagement rings and bridal jewellery, gemstones of rich, vibrant colours are now at the top of the wish list for many brides-to-be. Perhaps also for you?

If blue isn’t your thing, did you know that sapphires come in all colours of the rainbow? Gasp!

Even each colour comes in a range of shades to choose from, giving you unlimited possibilities when it comes to selecting the perfect gemstone for your dream engagement ring.

selection of loose round fancy sapphires of different colours

Sapphire colours that are currently "on trend" include:

  • soft peaches

  • pastel and hot pinks

  • olive greens

  • teal or blue-green tones

  • purple shades

Other gorgeous options include blue, yellow and orange sapphires.

Another wonderful choice for a unique engagement ring is a Padparadscha, a pinkish orange variety of sapphire.

The Anastasia ring from my Ready-to-Wear collection was inspired by Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring.

oval padparadscha and diamond halo vintage inspired rose gold engagement ring by Tsarina Gems on a white background

Looking for something pastel and peachy with a more affordable price tag?

Morganite has become a favourite for many brides-to-be and this trend is still going strong.

Just because morganite is less durable than diamonds and sapphires, do not let that stop you from choosing a Morganite Engagement Ring, just be more careful when wearing it.

Check out the gorgeous Veronica ring available for purchase from my Ready-to-Wear collection.

vintage inspired pear shape morganite and diamond halo rose gold engagement ring by Tsarina Gems on a light background in front of pink flowers

Fall in love with a one-of-a-kind gemstone, like you fell in love with each other.


If you love the idea of popping the question with a pop of colour, check out this previous post: 5 reasons to say YES to a coloured gemstone


Fancy Shapes

Although round shape is still a classic and timeless choice, elongated shapes like ovals, cushions, pears and emerald cuts are definitely in the spotlight this year for both, diamond and gemstone engagement rings.

diamond and gemstone shapes infographic by Tsarina Gems

These are great alternatives if you are thinking outside the box and looking for something truly unique.

lady’s hand wearing vintage inspired engagement rings on index finger by Tsarina Gems, round opal diamond halo white gold engagement ring, oval blue green sapphire diamond halo white gold engagement ring, oval padparadscha sapphire diamond halo rose gold engagement ring, pear morganite diamond halo rose gold engagement ring

Looking for help choosing the perfect shape?


  • ovals, pears and elongated cushions to add a vintage feel to your engagement ring, especially if paired with a diamond halo

  • a vintage inspired design and pair it with trendy rose gold, if you like a mix of old and new

  • emerald cut for geometric, Art Deco look

lady's hand wearing an Art Deco emerald cut emerald and diamond halo splint shank white gold engagement ring, white manicure on a beige silk background

If you have your heart set on a certain shape, remember that some shapes are more readily available depending on the type of the gemstone.

For example, diamonds are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes but when it comes to coloured gemstones, the shape choices can be more limited.

Pro Tip: When shopping for your perfect engagement ring, just keep an open mind! You might be pleasantly surprised by something you haven't seen online or in stores yet.


To find out more about diamond and gemstone shapes, check out my previous Blog post: Let's Get in Shape


Mismatched Bridal Sets

Although traditionally a perfectly matching, flush set or fitted wedding band created specifically for your engagement ring was the way to go, I am happy to report a new trend, the mismatched look.

You can even start building a one-of-a-kind bridal stack like this one, featuring the Serena ring from my Ready-to-Wear collection.

white gold stacking ring bridal set, oval blue green teal sapphire diamond halo white gold engagement ring by Tsarina Gems, hand selfie

You can still create a cohesive look by choosing elements that complement each other, but put your own, unique spin on it.

Think about:

  • playing around with the width of your rings

  • mixing and matching stone shapes

  • pairing a traditional engagement ring with a trendy geometric or vintage inspired filigree wedding band

rose gold vintage inspired bridal set, pear shape morganite diamond halo rose gold engagement ring by Tsarina Gems, hand selfie

The key here is to find one common element.

Try selecting one metal colour or using accent diamonds on both rings.

rose gold vintage inspired bridal set, oval padparadscha sapphire diamond halo rose gold engagement ring by Tsarina Gems, hand selfie

Seeing a gap between your engagement ring and your wedding band is no longer a no-no. In fact, some of my clients specifically ask for a noticeable separation between the two rings in their bridal set.

A final thought

With so many brands promising to create the engagement ring of your dreams, if you are considering “building a ring online", please remember...

Just because you can doesn't mean you should infographic by Tsarina Gems

Custom ring design can be a longer process than popping down to your local jewellery store or clicking the “add to cart” button on your computer, but the personalised,

one-on-one experience truly is priceless.

It only takes 6-8 weeks to create a custom, one-of-a-kind engagement ring of your dreams.

Creating a Custom Engagement Ring may sound expensive, but I promise to focus on helping you find the best way to make your dream engagement ring come to life while staying as close as possible to your budget.

If this cannot be achieved, I will walk you through other incredible, customised options that are available.

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring as unique as your significant other?

Let's chat!

Schedule a complementary, 30 minute connection call with me here


To learn more about my unique custom process, check out these previous posts:


Looking for jewellery and gemstone inspiration?

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