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5 reasons to say YES to a coloured gemstone

In a world of mass produced and ordinary, why not choose a gemstone that is extraordinary and actually rare?

Did you know that diamonds are not as rare as advertised? Gasp!

I love diamonds, I really do, but having seen hundreds of them over my decade in this industry, they do all just blend into one colourless ... , even the REALLY BIG ONES.

oval padparadscha sapphire diamond halo ring in rose and white gold, round purple sapphire diamond halo ring in rose gold, round white opal halo ring in white gold, round green sapphire in yellow gold, vintage inspired rings by Tsarina Gems, ethically sourced, on white background with blue ribbon

Coloured gemstones on the other hand stay with me, they get rooted into my memory and I'll tell you why. Have you ever met "the one that got away"? Thats what it's like when you see a coloured gemstone of your dreams, be it a stunning royal blue, a gorgeous bubblegum pink or a canary yellow, the colour truly cannot be replicated.

There will always be other diamonds, but there will never be the same coloured gemstone.

lady’s hand wearing vintage inspired engagement rings on index finger by Tsarina Gems, round opal diamond halo white gold ring, oval blue green sapphire diamond halo white gold ring, oval padparadscha sapphire diamond halo rose gold ring, pear morganite diamond halo rose gold ring

Without further ado, say YES to a coloured gemstone if:

  1. you are looking for something totally unique and one-of-a-kind

  2. you want to add a pop of colour to your everyday life

  3. you want to make a statement

  4. you are considering a larger stone for your budget

  5. you love a fancy cut such as oval, pear or elongated cushion (gemstones are typically cut to suit a more elongated shape, however round options are also available)


If you are looking to Pop the question with a Pop of Colour, check out this blog


Are you ready to choose the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring?

Would you like to be a part of the gemstone selection process?

Tsarina Gems provides a guided, one-on-one experience which leads you every step of the way through your gemstone and style selection.

If you are interested in seeing a variety of gorgeous loose gemstones before they are set into a ring, a pendant or earrings of your dreams, schedule a complementary,

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Not looking for an engagement ring? Gemstone jewellery is perfect for any occasion and daily wear, from pendants to earrings to rings. I even love adding them to my stacking bands for a pop of colour.

Don't have time for a 6-8 week custom piece?

Check out our Ready-to-Wear collection to find your perfect ring today!

Visit our Gallery to get inspired!

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