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Q & A - Vol. 2

I am always honoured when my clients, friends and family ask for my personal opinion when it comes to jewellery. The two most asked questions I get are about my favourite gemstones and favourite pieces of jewellery.

In today's post, I will let you in on the answers!

Irina Kharina, gemstone and jewellery expert, founder of Tsarina Gems

What are your Top 3 Favourite gemstones?

I love Sapphires! They come in all colours of the rainbow and everything in between (did you know that?). My favourites range from hot pink to light, pastel pink or peachy sapphires and the gorgeous and rare Padparadscha sapphires.

I recently came across a very unique Padparadscha sapphire and felt compelled to add it to my ready-to-wear line. Check out the Anastasia ring here.

Do all those count as one stone? I hope so!

I do also love my birthstone, amethyst, but it has to be big! Luckily, amethyst can be found in large sizes and you can get a stunning, showy piece without breaking the bank. I love this amethyst cocktail ring, which was a gift.

Large trilliant cut amethyst, worn on lady's hand with hot pink nails, on a white background

I am also fascinated by a gemstone that has a very special quality, it displays colour change, I am talking about alexandrite. Apart from being a rare and beautiful gem, it also has a fascinating connection to Russia, which is where I am from. Alexandrite was first discovered there and named after Tsar Alexander II. It is a gemstone that is currently at the top of my wish list.

I recently had the pleasure of curating a pair of rose gold, alexandrite and diamond stud earrings for a friend, we previously created an alexandrite and diamond necklace together and I am super excited that she can now enjoy her matching set!

Round alexandrite and diamond halo stud earrings in rose gold with filigree setting, on a white background


Want to know how I keep my jewellery clean and sparkly?


What is your favourite type of jewellery?

Of all of the ways to adorn myself, the cocktail ring, happens to be my favourite. Personally, I gravitate towards larger pieces and bold colours of gemstones. I love

my blue zircon cocktail ring in rose gold, its electric blue colour and vintage-inspired design makes me feel very glamourous. It was a gift from me to me, I am a great believer in buying jewellery for yourself.

Lady's hand wearing a large cocktail ring, cushion cut blue zircon, diamond halo in rose gold, next to a cup of tea and saucer, lemon slices, dry lavender, on a white and red table cloth

Like many of us in early 2000s, I used to be obsessed with hoop earrings. Now, I do not typically wear earrings, however I have previously curated a pair of emerald and diamond drop earrings that I cannot stop thinking about!

Pear shape emerald and diamond drop earrings, halo setting, white gold on a light blue background

For my everyday jewellery, I tend to go for my white gold solitaire diamond pendant or my rose gold morganite pendant and some diamond stacking bands. I love creating different looks by combining a variety of styles and metal colours.

Lady's hand wearing a variety of vintage inspired, diamond stacking bands in rose gold


Check out my previous Q&A post here, where I talk about my journey of becoming a gemstone and jewellery expert and founding Tsarina Gems.


If you have any questions that you would like to ask, do get in touch with me via Tsarina Gems homepage or send me a message on Instagram.

I would love to hear from you and answer them in my next Q&A post!


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