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Myth Busters Vol. 3

With so much information at our fingertips, it is difficult to know what is true and what is false when searching the web. Interestingly, some of these myths, I heard from sales professionals at high-end jewellery stores, while I was doing some research as a

"secret shopper".

As a GIA certified gemologist and an accredited jewellery professional, I am happy to share my knowledge on my mission to spread the truth.

Some of these may surprise you, let's dive in!

Diamond is the rarest gemstone in the world - FALSE

Although diamonds are the most popular and well-known gems in the world, colourless diamonds are not actually that rare.

When it come to fancy colours like blue, pink and vivid yellow, yes, those types of diamonds are incredibly rare, especially in large sizes and can go for millions of dollars at an auction.

selection of fancy diamonds in a variety of shapes and colours

But when we think of the diamonds we see in stores or online (especially under 1 carat), there is plenty to choose from.

Diamonds are beautiful, sparkly and loved by many, personally I am a fan. But it is the mining and manufacturing process associated with diamonds that is the costly venture which adds those zeros to the price tag. No the fact that they are rare.

lady's hand wearing yellow gold diamond solitaire engagement ring

In fact, there are plenty of diamonds to go around, but they are either:

  • deep underground which makes them too costly to mine or…

  • locked up in safes and their release is controlled to keep their “luxury good” status

a pile of small diamond on a cloth next to tweezers and jeweler's loupe

Pearls are organic gems - TRUE

Whether a pearl is natural or cultured, it is produced by a living organism, (an oyster or a mussel, depending on the type of the pearl) which makes it an organic gem.

A natural pearl is formed in a pearl bearing mollusk (a soft bodied marine animal). When a foreign object gets inside it, the mollusk gets irritated and starts to coat the object with layers of smooth nacre, creating a pearl.

a pearl necklace in a silk pouch

To culture a pearl, a human copies the natural process but is responsible for the introduction of the "foreign object”.

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a pearl necklace, black Gucci sunglasses, red mac lipstick, lifestyle photography

The list of birthstones was created by a jewellers association - TRUE

Many cultures associate gemstones with birthdays and zodiac signs and have done so for centuries. Some believe that birthstone were even mentioned in the Bible.

In more recent history (1912), Jewelers of America came up with a list of 12 gemstones (one for every month) that would be associated with a person’s birth month and known as their “birthstone”.

selection of gemstones in different shapes and colours held in tweezers

Since then, some extra gems have been added to the list meaning that some months have more than one birthstone.

Fun Fact: if you are born in June your birthstones are alexandrite and pearl


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oval padparadscha sapphire diamond halo ring in rose gold, round purple sapphire diamond halo ring in rose gold, round white opal halo ring in white gold, round green sapphire in yellow gold, vintage inspired rings on white background with blue ribbon

You can buy a custom engagement ring online - FALSE

There are many companies that now offer the “build your engagement ring online” option. The truth is, you will be choosing from existing designs and a list of diamonds that particular company has in stock and essentially receive an assembled product.

This is a great option if you are short on time and feel comfortable purchasing a ring and a diamond before seeing it.

round diamond solitaire white gold 6 prong engagement ring on a white background

If, however, you would love to be a part of the entire process of creating your dream ring including creating the design and selecting ethically sourced diamonds or gemstones from a selection tailored to you, custom is the way to go!

A true custom ring that is made completely from scratch can only be achieved by working with a jeweller or a jewellery concierge (like me).

When working together on a custom piece, we can design and make modifications before we create it. Only once you love and approve the design do we start making the ring here in Toronto, not oversees in a factory.

3D CAD design diamond white gold engagement ring


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