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What is Semi-Custom jewellery?

Semi-custom means creating a new ring, necklace or earrings based on an existing design in the Tsarina Gems collection.

For example, if you see a ring, necklace or earrings in our Ready-to-Wear collection or on our Instagram page that you like but you would prefer to choose a different centre stone or metal colour, that is possible!

Notice anything similar between these emerald earrings and this morganite necklace?

It's the same design!

My client made it their own by:

  • choosing earrings instead of a necklace

  • choosing emeralds instead of a morganite

  • choosing white gold instead of rose gold


A unique, semi-custom piece is ready!

pear shape and diamond halo white gold drop earrings on a white background

How do I know if Semi-Custom is right for me?

A piece of Semi-Custom jewellery is for you if:

  • you want to choose the perfect gemstone for your piece from a selection tailored to your taste

  • you don't want to go through the custom process of designing your ring, necklace or earrings from scratch

  • you want to choose your favourite from a collection of existing designs

Woman's hand wearing pear shape morganite, aquamarine and pink tourmaline rings on her index finger

Easily go from a Morganite in rose gold to Aquamarine or Pink Tourmaline in white gold (above) through my semi-custom process from the comfort of your own home!

How about these pink sapphire, emerald, ruby and blue sapphire rings below?

Choose this style and a stone of your choice for a semi-custom ring that is perfect for you! (available in white, yellow and rose gold)

Woman's hand wearing round pink sapphire, emerald, ruby and sapphire rings on her index finger

I used this design in rose gold to feature a purple sapphire for my Ready-to-Wear collection.

round purple sapphire and diamond halo rose gold engagement ring next to dry pink flowers

How about this gorgeous pendant with a gemstone of your choice?

This one features an emerald and can be re-created with your birthstone!

round emerald and diamond halo white gold necklace on a white background


The beauty of the semi-custom process is that you still get to choose a gemstone you love during the sourcing process and we'll pop it into an existing design!


7 Easy Steps to creating a piece of Semi-Custom jewellery

1. Consultation: Let’s chat about your ideas, mood boards, must haves, deadline and budget

2. Sourcing: I’m off to source gemstones for you and prepare existing designs for your semi-custom ring, necklace or earrings (sourcing fee payment required)

3. Viewing: In-person or virtual viewing of 3 to 5 stones and existing designs

loose pear shape morganite next to dry white flowers

4. Pick your favourite! Choose your favourite stone and design combination or request further sourcing

loose pear shape morganite held in tweezers and diamond rose gold semi-mount on woman's hand

5. The "go ahead"! You give me the go ahead to start the manufacturing process and make a full payment

6. Semi-Custom piece creation: You can relax while we create your semi-custom piece

7. Pick up or delivery: You pick up your semi-custom piece or we can schedule a pre-paid shipment

pear shape morganite and diamond halo rose gold engagement ring next to dry pink flowers


Not sure what stone you would like to use?

We can chat about that during your FREE connection call

To get you started, check out my previous blog: What is my perfect stone?


selection of coloured gemstones engagement ring in a large grey velvet box next to a white gift bag with a blue ribbon tied in a bow

How long does it take to make a semi-custom piece of jewellery?

A semi-custom ring, necklace or earrings typically take 6 - 8 weeks to complete.

This time may vary depending on rarity and availability of stones.

oval blue-green teal sapphire and diamond halo white gold engagement ring on a white lace background


Wondering about your other jewellery options?

Check out my previous blog post:


oval padparadscha and diamond halo rose gold engagement ring on a white background

I want to create a semi-custom piece, where do I start?


Step 1 is to schedule a consultation with me

Choose and day and time that works best for you here

I'm looking forward to chatting with you about your dream ring, necklace or earrings!

Visit Tsarina Gems Instagram page for more jewellery inspiration


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