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October Birthstone - Tourmaline and Opal

If you were born in October, you are in luck because you have TWO birthstones to choose from! Tourmaline and Opal.

The fascinating thing about Tourmaline is that it comes in SO many different colours and every Opal shows a unique combination of colours from pink, to blue and green.

This means you have an amazing variety on stones, shapes and sizes to choose from.

What is the most popular Tourmaline?

Green Tourmaline and Pink Tourmaline are the most popular choices.

They are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes making it perfect for large statement pieces such as cocktail rings as well as smaller jewellery items like right hand rings, earrings and necklaces.

oval green tourmaline and diamond halo white gold ring next to pear shape pink tourmaline and diamond halo white gold ring on a white background

Other Tourmaline options include:

  • Watermelon tourmaline - a unique combination of green and pink

  • Rubellite - dark pink and "hot pink"

  • Indicolite tourmaline - dark blue-green

  • Paraíba tourmaline - neon, electric blue

  • Cat's eye tourmaline - shows a cat's eye effect, typically cut into cabochons

To learn more about Tourmaline and it's colour range, check out this post

selection of loose multi coloured tourmaline

Tourmaline Birthstone

Tourmaline is also known for the following traits:

  • soothing and nourishing stone that helps restore a sense of wholeness

  • encourages positivity

  • brings emotional healing and self love

emerald cut watermelon tourmaline pendant necklace and chain on a white background


Did you know that Opal is called a “phenomenal” stone because it shows a phenomena known as play-of-colour?

It does not show all colours of the rainbow at once, but rather a combination of blue-green and/or pink.

Opals are usually fashioned as cabochons, rather than faceted gems. They have one flat side and one side shaped like a dome. A cabochon cut helps display play-of-colour and is less likely to chip.

round opal and diamond halo white gold engagement ring on a cream lace background

On the hunt for a unique opal ring?

This stunning vintage-inspired Kira ring is available for purchase from our Ready-to-Wear collection.

Featuring a 0.34 carat opal and a touch of natural diamonds, it is perfect for those looking for a one-of-a kind gift.

To order this wonderful ring, please get in touch via email:

round opal white gold stud earrings


To learn more about Opals, check out my previous posts:


Opal Birthstone

Opal is also known for the following traits:

  • promotes unconditional love

  • encourages inner growth

  • enhances imagination and creativity

woman's hand wearing a round opal and diamond white gold engagement ring


Do you know what powers and qualities your birthstone holds?

To find out, visit my previous post: What is my Birthstone?


Woman’s hand with ombre nails holding a large grey velvet ring box with a selection of engagement rings next to a white bouquet of flowers, padparadscha sapphire rose gold ring, morganite rose gold ring, blue green teal sapphire white gold ring, montana sapphire yellow gold ring, opal white gold ring

Is Tourmaline or Opal on your wishlist?

I'd love to hear about it!

To discuss your options, schedule a complimentary, 30 minute connection call with me here

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