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5 Easy Holiday Gift Ideas

With holiday season fast approaching, whether you are searching for gifts for your loved ones or browsing for yourself, Tsarina Gems crafted a list of eye-catching gift ideas.

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white gift box wrapped with a blue bow on a white silk background

1. Diamond Stacking Bands

Start building her ring stack (or your own) this holiday season. Mix and match designs, shapes and metals.

All stacking bands in our collection feature perfectly matched natural diamonds and are available in your choice of white, yellow or rose gold. Order in your finger size for the perfect fit.

You will love glancing down at your hands and seeing those sparkling beauties!

woman's hand wearing a selection of stacking rings

Check out our Ready-to-Wear stacking band collection here.

2. Pearls

A cultured pearl necklace is an elegant classic. Not only will it be a fabulous accessory if you are dressing up for the holidays but also if you are doing something more casual this year.

Pearl necklaces are wonderfully versatile and come in different forms.

Whether you fancy a traditional pearl strand necklace, a single pearl pendant or a station pearl necklace (pearl, chain, pearl combination), there is something for everyone!

selection of pearl necklaces and pearl pendants on white background

Already own a necklace? How about a pair of studs or earrings to match?

A pearl suite is always appropriate.

selection of pearl studs and pearl earrings on white background

3. Diamonds

A diamond necklace is on every woman’s wish list and can become her everyday staple even after the holidays.

Take a look at these shimmering wonders with just a touch of sparkle!

How about a striking pair of diamond studs or earrings?

selection of diamond studs and diamond drop earrings on a white background

4. One-of-a-kind gemstone ring

Whether you are planning a holiday proposal or looking for a unique right hand ring, colourful gemstones are the way to go!

Take a look at these fun yet sophisticated rings featuring ethically sourced coloured gemstones with a dash of natural diamonds.

Check out out Ready-to-Wear collections for details.

5. Gemstone pendant

Choose her favourite gemstone or her birthstone for a pendant she'll wear close to her heart.

How about these four-leaf-clover pendants featuring amethyst, citrine and blue topaz available in yellow or white?

amethyst, citrine and blue topaz four leaf clover necklaces next to a pink flower on a white background

Although not technically a birthstone, Morganite in rose gold is on many women's wish list this year.

This peachy gemstone is available in a variety of shapes including pear, cushion and round, adorned by a halo of natural diamonds.

Irina, How do I choose a gift?

I get it, holiday shopping can get overwhelming, which is why I'd be happy to walk you through you options so you can actually enjoy the process!

Thankfully, gemstones exist in all colours of the rainbow and are available at different price points.

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Happy Holiday Shopping from

Tsarina Gems!

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