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What is a Montana Sapphire?

If you have been looking for a unique engagement ring or a right hand ring for yourself that is not mainstream, chances are, you have come across “Montana sapphires”.

But what exactly are they?

The term "Montana" refers to a location, Montana US, which produces a gorgeous variety of green, blue-green and teal sapphires.

Many clients are now using “Montana Sapphire” as a colour reference rather than the source, which can get a little confusing.

For example: “Irina, I am looking for a Montana sapphire, but it doesn't actually have to be from Montana”, what they are looking for here is a blue-green or a teal sapphire.

Basically, some sapphires from Montana are blue-green, however not all blue-green sapphires come from Montana.

Woman's hand holding a white velvet hexagonal ring box with a cushion cut Montana sapphire and diamond halo yellow gold engagement ring

What other colours do Montana sapphires exist in?

Montana also produces a variety of blues, pink, yellow and green sapphires. The majority of sapphires from this location are less than a carat in size, so if you are looking for a larger stone in the 1 carat+ range, of a specific shape, be open to other locations.

No two Montana sapphires are alike, that’s the unique and exciting thing about them!

loose oval blue green teal montana sapphires on a white background

Are Montana sapphires the same as Teal sapphires?

The colour “teal” refers to a dreamy and mysterious combination of blue and green colours. A relatively new trend, teal sapphires are quickly making their way to the top of the wish list for many brides-to-be as well as trendy fashionistas.

You might also hear other inventive and fancy names like “mermaid sapphires” and “peacock sapphires”.

So, yes, some teal sapphires do come from Montana.

Woman's hand holding a blue velvet hexagonal ring box with an oval cut blue-green teal sapphire and diamond halo white gold engagement ring

What about “parti-sapphires” ?

Other recent jewellery trends include “bi-colour sapphires” and “parti-sapphires”.

They show two or more distinct colours, for example blue and yellow (as in, the stone is partially blue and partially yellow, referring to colour zoning).

These, however are different to teal or blue-green sapphires, which show a combination of blue and green colours, rather than two or more distinct hues like below.

There are some "parti" sapphires that originate in Montana, others come from locations around the world.

loose radiant cut bi colour, parti sapphire, blue and yellow sapphire, on a grey background

Do Sapphires show "colour change"?

Sapphires can look slightly different in different lights, for example when you are sitting at home by a warm, yellow light lamp and when you in the bright sunshine outside.

This should not be confused with the “colour change” phenomena seen in rare alexandrite (below). This unique stone is green in daylight and red in warm candle light.

loose cushion cut alexandrite in white and yellow light comparison

Other Sources

Blue sapphire and fancy sapphires (any colour other than blue) are found all over the world.

Sources of blue-green sapphire other than Montana, include Nigeria, Madagascar, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka. I recommend not focusing on the origin as much as the colour itself.

For example, if you are determined to find the perfect teal sapphire that comes specifically from Montana, your options could be much more limited.

world map of fancy sapphire sources

Ethical Sourcing

Although Montana sapphires are often advertised as “ethically sourced”, you might be paying a premium, just for the name.

Ethically sourced materials are of utmost importance to me and I take pride in working with companies who supply responsibly sourced diamonds and gemstones from all over the world.

a white jewellery box with a blue ribbon tied in a bow, on a white silk background by Tsarina Gems

Are Montana sapphires expensive?

Although the prices for blue-green, teal and Montana sapphires are on the rise due to higher demand and rising popularity, they are still a less expensive option, compared to traditional blue sapphires.

And since you are getting a truly one-of-a-kind colour, when you choose one of these unique sapphires, it is a win-win situation!


I am predicting that prices of these gorgeous blue-green combos will only increase with time, so NOW is the perfect time to invest in one!


woman's hand wearing selection of engagement rings with coloured gemstones on her index finger, padparadscha sapphire ring, Montana sapphire ring, blue-green teal sapphire ring, morganite ring

Should I buy a Montana sapphire?

A Montana Sapphire is perfect for you if:

  • you value being unique

  • you are looking for a refreshing new colour

  • you are unconventional

  • you want to make a statement

Woman's hand wearing an oval blue-green teal sapphire and diamond halo white gold engagement ring and and stacking rings with red nails

Does Tsarina Gems sell Montana and Teal sapphires?


As a lover of colourful gemstones, I could not wait to add a Montana and a Teal sapphire to my Tsarina Gems Ready-to-Wear collection.

When I came across these truly striking stones, I took the chance to curate the Cerelia and the Serena rings.

woman’s hand holding a large grey velvet ring box with a selection of engagement rings with coloured gemstones, padparadscha sapphire ring, morganite ring, Montana sapphire ring, opal ring, blue-green teal sapphire ring

The Cerelia Ring

I am thrilled to introduce a brand new and exciting addition to our Ready-to-Wear collection features a mesmerising Montana sapphire.

cushion cut Montana sapphire and diamond halo yellow gold engagement ring

Cerelia, a name of Greek origin means "related to springtime" and "the goddess of harvest", perfect for this wonderful combination of yellow and green.

This unique, cushion cut sapphire weighs 1.21 carat and is adored by thirty perfectly matched round brilliant cut natural diamonds set in 14K yellow gold.

woman's hand wearing a cushion cut Montana sapphire and diamond halo yellow gold engagement ring

The Serena Ring

Serena is the Spanish and Italian word for mermaid and the perfect name for this blue-green or teal beauty.

This oval cut, unheated sapphire, ethically sourced from Madagascar weighs 0.73 carat. It is set in 14K white gold and is accented by twenty-eight perfectly matched round brilliant cut natural diamonds.

To learn more about this gorgeous ring, check out this post

oval blue green sapphire and diamond halo white gold engagement ring, right hand ring, teal sapphire, mermaid sapphire, peacock sapphire, on a white background


Heat treatment is an industry standard, in fact, almost 99% of sapphires are heat treated to enhance and stabilise the colour, it is a permanent process.

Non-treated sapphires are more rare and difficult to find.

The gorgeous sapphire I selected for Serena Ring is an exception. It has not been heat treated and has been graded as such by a third-party appraiser.

woman's hand wearing an oval blue green sapphire and diamond halo white gold engagement ring and matching wedding ring, bridal set, teal sapphire engagement ring, mermaid sapphire, peacock sapphire, on a white silk background, light pink nail polish

Do you have Cerelia and Serena rings on your wishlist?

I would be delighted to hear about it!

Schedule a complimentary viewing here

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