Time to Indulge

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Strand of freshwater pearls hanging from a colourful Russian jewellery box

It is terrific to have a jewellery box full of keepsakes you have received as thoughtful gifts, however it is also wonderful to look at the pieces you have purchased for yourself to remind you of a personal achievement, overcoming a challenge or simply “just because”.

I will always remember receiving my first sparkling diamond for my 21st birthday from my parents, I still wear it almost every day. Yet, the first diamond I ever bought for myself will always have a special meaning, a beginning of an exciting new career, in a new city. My stacking bands are another daily reminder of life’s little victories, each one carries its own meaning, triggering memories every time I glance at my hands.

If you have had an eye on something special for a while, there is no time like the present! Whether you decide to go for something delicate and subtle or a great big showstopper, the beauty of creating a curated piece is…it’s totally up to you!

May your heart and your jewellery box always be full!

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