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A gift now - an heirloom later

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Although aesthetically pleasing to the eye, jewellery is so much more than a means of embellishment.

Well made jewellery can start off as a gift, be worn for decades and passed down to the next generation as a meaningful heirloom. 

An heirloom is not just a materialistic object but a meaningful possession, a comforting reminder, a beautiful symbol of the past taking you on a journey, like a metaphorical time machine.

Rose gold filigree vine ring with diamonds on white lace background

The power of jewellery cannot be explained.

It can bring excitement, inspiration, comfort as well as strength during difficult times.

It is an object of sentiment that acts as a powerful trigger and brings back memories.

Who doesn’t enjoy hearing a heartfelt story behind a special necklace or a sentimental ring?

The passing down of heirlooms brings the family together as the origin of the piece is explained, creating a link to the family heritage. Sharing those meaningful stories with our friends brings us closer together also.

Jewellery can be given in honour of any occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, religious events, engagements and weddings.

And what about celebrating a creative or work accomplishment, a move in a new direction or a way to reconnect with someone?

Aren’t those the perfect opportunities to give the gift of jewellery to others as well as yourself?

I think so.

A thank you gift is another wonderful gesture that will be greatly appreciated.

Round brilliant white gold diamond pendant on white lace background

Interestingly, many heirlooms don't get created intentionally.

Often, they start as a cherished gift.

The most treasured items have a personal touch, something that further connects them to the original owner.

You can even start your own tradition!

With one-of-a-kind selection of gemstone rings, necklaces, earrings and diamond stacking ring available from our Ready-to-Wear collection why not choose a gift for yourself or a loved one today?

Looking for the perfect gift but don't know where to start?

I'd love to help!

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