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Q & A - Vol. 3

You already know that I love sharing my diamond, gemstone and jewellery knowledge with you but I also love answering your questions about me and my process.

Today I will be sharing the inside scoop on myself (Irina) and my brand (Tsarina Gems)

I hope you enjoy it!

Do you work from home?

Yes, most days I literally work from my dining room table or the den. They are my meeting rooms as well as my photography studios. They are also my blog writing areas.

Fun Fact: Most of my Stories and Reels on Instagram come from my living room!

Living in downtown Toronto I have an amazing view of the lake as well as the ever-changing skyline of the city where new skyrises are popping up almost every year. I often share my everyday life and behind the scenes on my Instagram stories, make sure to follow me @tsarinagems to get a glimpse of what I'm up to.

Since leaving my office job at a gemstones wholesale company in August of 2020, it has been quite a change of scenery. Although I am sure is has been for most of us, with the whirlwind year that we have had.

I am grateful that I still get to work with very talented craftsmen and women who I have met over my decade of working in the gemstone and jewellery industry.

Thanks to modern technology, I have access to CAD designers, jewellers, setters, polishers, gemstone suppliers and fellow gemologists that are involved in the jewellery making process for both, Custom and Ready-to-Wear pieces created for Tsarina Gems.

Some work, of course, requires in-person visits on my part. During my stone sourcing process, I visit wholesalers that specialise in the gemstone of your choice, be it a diamond or a coloured gemstone. I carefully inspect each stone for durability issues before presenting it to you, in person or via video messaging. I personally inspect every piece of jewellery to ensure it is produced to the highest standards.

On our journey together, I am available at your service no matter where you are, just an email, a phone call or video call away.


If you would like to schedule a complementary, 30 minute connection call, please email me at:


I saw a ring that I like online, can you copy it?

Although I do not recommend making an exact copy of an existing ring made by another jeweller, when working together, we can definitely use it as inspiration when creating a brand new, custom made ring (or pendant, earrings, etc.)

When it comes to recreating an existing design, the outcome will never be exactly the same, especially when it comes to complicated designs with intricate detailing.

Let’s work together to create something truly unique and one-of-a-kind, after all, thats the reason why I founded Tsarina Gems.

Do you do jewellery appraisals?

Although I previously worked at a gemological lab and appraisal company for several years, I am not a certified appraiser, therefore I cannot legally provide appraisal documentations under my name.

I work with a reputable, third party appraiser here in Toronto, who has many decades of experience working with diamonds, gemstones and jewellery and provides fair, unbiased appraisals. All custom made jewellery from Tsarina Gems and some ready-to-wear pieces come with a third party appraisal for your piece of mind.

If you are looking to appraise jewellery in your existing collection, I would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Please email me at:

I have a stone that I would like to use in my custom piece,

can you use it?

I completely understand the sentimental values behind family jewels and that you may want to incorporate them into a new piece, however, I do not work with gemstones supplied by customers.

Here’s why:

If your diamond or gemstone was previously set in another piece of jewellery, it may show signs of wear-and-tear. These can affect the stone’s durability and I cannot guarantee that it will not get damaged in the re-setting process.

It is a lovely idea to keep family heirlooms, let’s create a new one together!

Ethically sourced materials are of utmost importance to me and I take pride in working with companies who supply responsibly sourced diamonds, gemstones and metals. I would love to source a brand new stone that I can stand behind in terms of ethical sourcing and authenticity.

Do you only make engagement rings?

No, and that's the fun part about what I do!

I work with many different clients who are celebrating different occasions and milestones. Each one is looking for that special something for that special someone.

The one thing they all have in common is, they are all looking for something unique and one-of-a-kind. A personalised experience they looked for, but could not find online or at a store.


Here's the thing about Tsarina Gems:

I don't make jewellery, I make your jewellery dreams come true


Whether it is a unique engagement ring, a one-of-a-kind right hand ring or a glamorous cocktail ring. Perhaps it is an exquisite necklace, an elegant pendant or a dazzling pair of earrings. When working together we can look at different options and possibilities to create a piece that speaks to you and your loved ones.

If you have any further questions about my personalised custom jewellery experience or you would like to schedule a viewing of pieces from my Ready-to-Wear collection, please email me at:

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I look forward to hearing from you!


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