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The Wedding Planning Podcast

Day of Diva Wedding Planning 

We chat about:


  • Ring shopping tips - where to begin?  

  • Engagement Ring Trends for 2023

  • Diamonds - Clarity, Colour, Cut

  • Finding the perfect stone for YOU! (diamonds vs. coloured gemstones)


The Crazy Over 40's Life Podcast

by Caroline Brown

We chat about:

  • How to choose a piece that speaks to YOU

  • Why you shouldn't wait to receive jewellery as a gift

  • How does our style change over the years

  • Does jewellery keep it's financial value?

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Crazy over 40s life podcast.jpg
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The Rebellious Women Podcast by Naz Grimley

We chat about:


  • How to choose the perfect jewellery for YOU and your lifestyle 

  • Where to start when choosing a new piece 

  • What stops women from investing in themselves 

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CEO Podcasts by Gresham W. Harkless

Want to learn more about my services and why I started my business?


This one's for you!

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That time I got featured on

29 Pearl and Ruby Engagement Rings That Are Absolutely Stunning 

Authority Magazine Interviews

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